As the nights will be drawing out during the early part of the new year, we start to think about shedding those winter stores. This can be perceived in more than one way; our extra pounds gained in the darker days/winter months and our approach to healthy eating and what's in our store cupboard. 

We sometimes need the new year to trigger the 'clean slate' approach, break in a bad cycle and a fresh approach to re-evaluating our life and where we are heading in the forthcoming year. 

Our choice of what healthy eating approach we will take, and there is a lot to choose from, is very personal but what is important is preparation.

We need to focus our minds so that we may respond effectively to our commitment to weight loss. Like any long term challenge, we need to be focussed, prepared for the highs and lows of good days and bad days and accepting that we will need to sacrifice social and other pleasures for the greater good. 

Being committed means understanding what is the basic requirements to achieve your goal, then adding the embellishments that make the journey easier and enjoyable.   

If you relate this to the basic requirements of any product, there are always the basic functionality you need to do the job, its the embellishments that make the journey more enjoyable and results sometimes faster. It's like buying a new bike the range of different products and level of specification are widely available however the main requirement is the same! 

Whichever healthy eating option you choose, ensure you understand the basic requirements, prepare your stores, meal plan and ensure you are mentally ready to be committed. 

It may all seem like 'common sense' however it's not always common to break it down to the basics with such an abundance of options and exposure to marketing and advertising to tempt you into convenience.