Have you ever had a bike fit? I have and if you haven't I can't recommend having it done enough. 

It is fair to say that I'm a very average rider and I'm definitely not anywhere close to being a hardcore roadie either. Following my bike fit, properly understanding the process and being more informed, I was able to reduce the many aches and niggles I had during a ride and in turn I was able to enjoy it far more.  

If your 2017 plans involve taking on a serious cycling challenge of some 200+ miles, such as Ride the Trafalgar Way, then getting a bike fit will be worth every pound that you spend. 

The hours that will be spent in the saddle in weeks and month leading up to your big ride and on the actual event weekend itself will seriously mount up. 

Making sure that you don't cause a potentially long term or serious injury due to the hours exercising in a particular position is critical to your success and health and well being.

With riders spending more and more on their trusty steed, why wouldn't you spend on making sure that you had the right steed for:

1) your body size 

2) the flexibility and natural movement of your body 

3) what you are planning to do i.e. the number of hours riding per day or week.  

This list in not exhaustive!

There are a myriad of service providers out there form your local professional and independent consultant or bike shop through to companies working with everyone all the way up to World Tour Professionals.

I'm not here to say who or what is the best option to use. You do need to do your research on the services available and of course one that fits your budget. What I would say is cost should not just be your determining factor.  

I had my bike fitting undertaken by Jimmy 'Wheelson' Wilson at the London studio of Cycle Fit.

Take a look at the article, do your research and go from there. Here's to many comfortable and enjoyable miles in the saddle on your trusty steed in 2017!